Art Crops blend nature and creation in Caracas

Art Crops blend nature and creation in Caracas

Venezuelan artist Ricardo Gil builds little models of raised crops combining agronomy, alternative techniques, landscaping and ornamental agriculture in a vital interaction between human beings and nature.

Over almost two decades, Ricardo Gil has developed irrigation systems in ornamental areas, gardens, squares, sport facilities, monuments, highways, avenues, and residential gardens, with a landscaping vision through which he reflects his passion for the vegetal world.

Based on his knowledge on agronomy, alternative techniques of food production (hydroponics and organic farming), landscaping and ornamental agriculture, he builds up an artistic proposal in which the pieces inspire interest on nature on the beholder and raise awareness on his relationship with the environment.

And thus art and nature blend in the proposal that the Venezuelan artist Ricardo Gil brings up with “Organic Arte” in room G15 of Centro de Arte Los Galpones in Caracas.

Although a first exhibition of his pieces made of little models of raised crops was displayed until December 21st, a second part of the exhibition will take place in January from 2nd to the 15th.

“Any of the pieces displayed here ‘belong’ to the Author, but to anyone that holds it as its own and establishes a connection with it, bearing in mind the essential elements in nature: Soil, as the support and provider of nutrients allowing the development of living beings; Air, as plants breathe… during the day they transform our waste, carbon dioxide into oxygen which they share with us at night; Water: composing between 75% and 90% of plants, like ourselves they need it in specified amounts, frequency and form; Fire: radiation and hours of exposure to the sun, the energy source in the right extent” he states with detail.

He affirms that all these aspects are to be considered when locating a piece of work “but we can also observe how all living things seek to adapt to their environment and hold on to life, a process in which intuition endows more help that reason” he explains.