Arturo Quintero

A book on Arturo Quintero´s work will be presented by NIB Foundation in Galeria Gsiete

Caracas, December 8th, 2014.- Next Tuesday December 16th at 6:00 pm the international institution NIB Foundation shall present the book GEOMETRÍA TOTAL, Obra de Arturo Quintero [Total Geometry, a work of Arturo Quintero], in an event that will be held in Galeria Gsiete of Centro de Arte Los Galpones.

Joint edition work by NIBank and Galeria Gsiete, with texts of Maria Luz Cárdenas, curator and visual arts researcher. This book covers the work of the Venezuelan artist Arturo Quintero, developed since successive approximations to geometry as essential source of his creation, “understood not only as the science of defining shapes or the synthesis of the principles of scientific knowledge, but as the tool for building space, accurately handled in the realm of esthetics, symbolism and concepts”, according to Cárdenas.

On his opinion, “Arturo focuses on the essence of pure geometrical relations and incorporate materials and objects that are unconventional for the creation of compound structures designing moving virtual spheres, rhombus and squares. He composes a new discourse from previous trends. Thus, he builds a visual synthesis of the universe and defines the primary features of its structure: geometry is the mother tongue and the original alphabet.”

The publication is the result of a deep research and in two chapters it offers a meticulous analysis of his portfolio, displayed in 104 pages illustrated in color with the excellent graphic proposal of Waleska Belisario and her ABV Taller de Diseño and Monica Trejo´s pictures.

In the first section of the book, María Luz Cárdenas dwells, among other subjects, on the construction of the artist´s alphabet , from mathematical signs and characters bearing the origin of the primary shapes: triangles, circles, geometrical figures allowing to explain the functioning of life and language, and to quit darkness; as well as on conceptual invisible elements such as the point, the line, the plane and the volume.

Likewise, she underlines the work developed in series that tackle key geometry problems with materials that enhance their appreciation. “So we see how kaleidoscopes, geometric bas-reliefs, paperfoldings, fractures grids or vibrations and movements obtained from regular coin arise. Appearances change, directions cross, structures constantly beat, which gives us access to slightly complex stages of perception whose rhythms and tensions evoke the essential reality of the universe. Light, color and movement coexist with the precise calculation of the mathematic thought”, Cárdenas states.

The second chapter is devoted to the ten series composing Arturo Quintero´s work, namely: Sacred Geometry [Geometría Sagrada], Cosmic Geometry [Geometría Cósmica], Geometric Nature [Naturaleza GeométricaI], Kinetic Constellation [Constelación Cinética] and New Kinetic Constellation [Nueva Constelación Cinética], Mosaic [Mosaico], Kinetism in Metal [Cinetismo en Metálico], Acupressure [Dígito Puntura], Cybernetic Kinetism [Cinetismo Cibernético], Fractus and Art Laboratory [Laboratorio de Arte].

It is important to mention that NIB Foundation is part of the NIB international financial group that has shown high interest in Latin America by supporting different social, sport, and cultural causes, and making real the sponsorship of this editorial project.

The release of the book GEOMETRÍA TOTAL, Obra de Arturo Quintero [Total Geometry, a work of Arturo Quintero] will be presented by Maria Luz Cárdenas and the artist will be there, in an event supported by the NIB Foundation and the prestigious landscaping company Organic Arte, lead by Ricardo Gil, which will be held Tuesday December 16th at 6:00 pm in Galeria Gsiete of Centro de Arte Los Galpones, located at Avenida Avila con 8va transversal in Los Chorros. This book will be soon available to the public in Librería Kalathos of the aforementioned art centre.